Industries You Wouldn’t Think Use Industrial Mixers

There are many industries that rely on heavy-duty industrial mixers to help produce their products. It may be obvious that oil companies or food and beverage companies would use these high-production mixers, but what about some other industries that rely on them just as much?

Here are a few other industries that you may not think use industrial mixers, but who definitely do use them.


Obviously, environments like hospitals and doctors’ offices have procedures in place to keep them contamination-free. It’s important to pharmaceutical companies to not risk polluting the drugs. They must trust their mixing equipment so when it comes to mixing materials to make pharmaceutical drugs and bio-technology, safety and sanitation is a big deal. They need top quality industrial mixers.


When you think of makeup and cosmetics, huge industrial warehouses probably don’t come to mind. But, cosmetic manufacturers are definitely industrial mixer users. By adding high tech elements like fluidizer blenders to ensure proper blends of colors, consistencies, and pigments, they can be sure that the integrity of their makeup, lotions, and shampoos won’t be compromised. 


Breweries and Distilleries

There are many different ways to brew beer and distill alcohol, like vodka and rum. But be sure that in order to get the ingredients just right, a consistent and well-designed industrial mixer will be involved. From maintaining temperature to ensuring proper cleanliness standards that comes with food preparation, these companies must be sure their mixers operate properly.

Paper Making

Paper is made my mixing together a well-designed combination of cellulose wood fiber, water, and chemicals. This is called pulp and the chemicals are involved to make the paper a certain color or texture. Paper-making companies use huge industrial mixers to do the job and make sure that the paper produced is consistent.